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With your help we can continue to provide hosted private accommodations to refugees around the world, thereby supporting them in building local networks and establishing roots in their host countries. Since 2014, Refugees Welcome International has provided accommodation in shared flats for over 2,500 refugees, and we hope to see this number continue to grow. To be able to continue our work as a nonprofit organisation, we need your financial support – consider assisting us through one of the channels below.

1. Become a sustaining member

Refugees Welcome International is an independent association that is largely supported by volunteers. Nevertheless, there are operational costs for our work. As a sustaining member supporting us with monthly donations, you can help give us planning security that allows us to invest more time in facilitating matches between refugees and hosts. Every contribution helps!

Interested in becoming a sustaining member? Email us at hi[@]

2. Make a one-time donation

With your donation we can maintain and strengthen our ability to arrange housing for refugees around the world. Donate to finance rent subsidisation and help us take a stand against the exclusion and marginalisation of refugees.

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